Reflect on the creative processes through real challenges in pluri-disciplinary teams of students.

Outside perspective

Ever felt stuck in a problem? A new approach, a fresh look can turn things upside down !

Brainstorming methodology

Through our experience we have developed a unique and adaptable methodology.

Collective intelligence

Many hands make light work, just like many brains boost creativity.

Our vision

We want to change the way you perceive, the way you think, the way you innovate. This through collective intelligence and our exclusive methodology.

Our mission

On one hand we have an educational mission by cultivating student creativity. And on the other hand we also have a consultancy mission by enabling companies to innovate.


UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and UCLA, California (USA).
In the future our goal is to continue growing in different university campuses around the world.

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